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Metcon (No Measure)

Skill work

Rotate stations every minute. 45 seconds of work per station.

9 min EMOM

(L1/2/3 = progression)

Station 1:

HSPU work

L1: tripod hold/bottom position of hspu hold/top position of hspu

L2: 20 second handstand hold against wall, come off wall, 2-4 hspu

L3: consecutive hspu 10-15

Station 2:

DU work.

L1: 3-5 singles followed by a DU attempt. Stop and reset.

L2: alt. Single DU

L3: consecutive DU

Station 3:

Rope climb

L1: 15-20 ring rows

L2: rope climb with feet

L3: legless rope climb

Metcon (Time)

**athletes face away from the center of the rig for T2B to allow room for ring dips. Burpees can be completed wherever.


Burpee T2B

Ring dips (assisted)(ring dips)(ring dips +2 RMU to each rd)

30 DU (60 singles) each rd