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Metcon (No Measure)

There have been MANY inquiries about our HIIT class (M/W/F @10am). Today’s WOD is structured as one of our HIIT classes would be structured. We would LOVE your feedback and if the demand is there, I will gladly teach a night time HIIT class for those that can not make our morning one!

TABATA 20/10

(4 Rounds)

KB Swings

Goblet Squats



1 Minute Rest

TABATA 20/10

(4 Rounds)

Dumbbell Snatches

Wall Balls

Mountain Climbers

Flutter Kicks

1 Minute Rest

3 Rounds:

200 Meter Run

10 Box Jumps

20 Air Squats

* HIIT class is CF movements that we do every day without the heavy barbell. It is different in the way that there is no rep count and no score. You determine the appropriate weight, height, etc.. of your equipment. Let me control the clock and guide you and do nothing but keep moving! Hope you all enjoy!

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