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Midcoast CrossFit – Skill Class

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Metcon (No Measure)

800 m run / 1000 m row

3 rds:

5 T2B

6 pistols

10 pushups


3 way banded leg stretch

Lunge complex

duck walk

Burpee broad jumps

Jump squats

Skill: Double Unders

Class: 3 x of the following

10 jumps laterally each way,

10 jumps forward and backward each way

Class: jump+double leg tap

Class: level 1: 5 singles 1 double

Level 2: 3 singles 1 double

Level 3: alternate single double

Level 4: 5 doubles in a row

Level 5: 10+ in a row

Cues: arm/wrist placement, wrist speed, slight hollow rock position, height of the jump

Skill: ring dips

Class: ring holds top, bottom,

Class: ring hold top + negative to bottoms position.

Class: bottom position hold then press out to top.

Box dips: 3 sets of 10-15 slow

Skill: (if time)


TnG cleans