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2016 Nutrition Challenge


2016 Nutrition Challenge


This challenge is based on eating Paleo but with a few things off the “normal” paleo path.

First, here is a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid. Once you have read this, make sure to keep reading for the list of cheats and the way to get the best results.

What to eat

The following graphic illustrates the main foods to include in your diet. The items at the base of the pyramid should constitute the bulk of your calories, along with good fats and the items at the top of the pyramid should be consumed with moderation.

What to avoid

Even if the graphic below is arranged like a pyramid, all the items in it should be considered equally bad for your health in the long term.

Ok, so this is a simple list. However, I said that I would give you a list of things that I will allow on the diet.

I will let you have a carb each day (not including the fruit and veggie carbs) They are as follows:

Sweet potato – Brown rice – oatmeal – white or red potato

Please only have whatever the recommended serving size is for the oatmeal and brown rice. As for the potatoes, one. The reason I’ll allow these is because I know there are some athletes that need more fuel to burn and a little “good” carb does not hurt.

Alcohol…..STOP DRINKING IT! However, being realistic, I will allow a little…..

4 DRINKS A WEEK.  A serving size is a bottle or pint of beer, a 6oz glass of wine, a drink with 3ozs. of hard liquor.

Now the work out part…

You are required to do 5 workouts a week. These can be WOD’s at the box and run’s or bike rides and such from home(20-30min minimum for runs and bikes depending on your level of fitness in these areas). You can mix it up! 5 workouts a week does not mean 5 days a week, it means 5 workouts. For example: If you do a WOD at the box and then go for a 30 minute run later that day, that is considered 2 workouts.

5 workouts a week is the MINIMUM!

Scoring – Basically this challenge is for you. I will hold you all accountable with chart I will hang up at the box. Whoever is doing the challenge, please sign up on the chart and we will track progress on there.

You are awarded 7 points a week to start. Every time you cheat (i.e eat something NOT on the allowed list or drink over 4 glasses of alcohol a week), you must take the points away from yourself and post them at the end of the week on the chart. Your workouts also go on the chart (I got sparkly stickers for people with perfect weeks)! You want to get as many sparkly stickers as you can!!!!!

I will start a FB group for all the participants. This is key! I found the most successful challenges we’ve had were because of the support, ideas and camaraderie posted on the FB page! If you have any questions about certain foods to eat or avoid or recipes to share, they all go on there!

This all starts tomorrow! So you have to take a before picture and weigh yourself as well as measurements. I can take those for you.

We got this MCCF!!!!!