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Midcoast CrossFit – Strong Man

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Arrival warm up (800) (No Measure)

(10 min)

800m run/ 1000 m row

Foam roll/PVC roll

Shoulder smash

Mobility/dynamic 2 (No Measure)


Shoulder smash

Walking arms

Dynamic 90’s

4 way banded stretch

KB squat sways

KB good mornings


Frankenstein walks

Duck walks

Burpee broad jump

High knee skips

Metcon (Weight)

Crossfit total:

(Goal is to find your one rep max through 3 attempts at each lift)

Back squat (1-1-1)

Shoulder press (1-1-1)

Deadlift (1-1-1)

First attempt is a weight you know you can lift for a set of 3. The second lift should be a weight you know you can do for a single lift. The third lift is a weight that you want to do based on your performance on the previous 2 lifts.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 min amrap:

6 dead lifts (same weight as clean walk)

50ft clean walk (weight you know you can walk with)

3 strict pull-ups (scale if needed)

5 tire flips… Yes…tire flips!

Post WOD stretching B (No Measure)

Hamstring therapy on wall

Upward/downward dog

Couch stretch

Frog stretch

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