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Metcon (Time)

Complete the following easter egg hunt for time:

(TEAMS OF 3, split reps evenly)

(Each team will complete the movements at each station and then open the egg that matches the color of their team that will tell them where to go next)

All teams start at:

600 m (easter basket carry) Farmer carry (200 m each)


**then open first egg***

Proceed to next station.

(Follow this sequence at each station.

Stations include:

Run to cul-de-sac and complete: 75 air squats and 75 pushups (1 person works at a time, split reps evenly)

Run to whisper cove and complete: 60 total burpee to curb (split reps evenly)

Run to the front lawn and complete: 90 overhead plated lunges (25/15)(35/25)(45/35)

(Split reps evenly)

Run to the back parking lot and complete: 60 hang cleans (75/55)(95/65)(135/95)

(Split reps evenly)

Run to the inside of the box and each team members complete:

(All team members can work and the the same time)

3 rds of

8 T2B (k2e)

8 box jumps (20/18)(24/20)(30/24)

30 D.U. (60 singles)

After all 5 stations are complete return to the box and find your last “Goose egg” and complete whatever is inside


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