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Arrival warm up (1 mile) (No Measure)

1 mile run/ 1200 m row

Foam roll/PVC roll

4 way banded stretch

(No Measure)


Shoulder smash

Arm walks up wall

Hamstring rollouts

Walk out prayer squats


Frankenstein walks

Walking lunges (down and back)

Burpee broad jumps

Front rack:

Tricep smash

Banded tricep stretch

Front rack mobility PVC and box

Front Squat (Warm up into 15 unbroken, 5×3 building)

15 unbroken should be manageable weight. Start with 40-50% of 1 rm as a guideline.

Metcon (Time)

6 rounds for time:

5 back squats (from floor)(75/55)(115/85)(155/115) scale as needed. Weight should be a weight you can’t clean and jerk to get the bar on your back.

8 plated burpees (25/15)(35/25)(45/35)

100 m run/ row

Post WOD stretching A (No Measure)

Pigeon stretch

Couch stretch

4way banded stretch

Shoulder smash

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