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(No Measure)


1.5 mile run

Foam roll

Calf stretch

(No Measure)


Shoulder smash

Couch stretch

Upward/downward dog

PVC pass throughs (20)

PVC figure 8’s (15)

PVC overhead squats (15)


Inch worms

Frankenstein walks

Duck walks

Low lateral shuffle/step..slow

Bergner warm up (detailed) (No Measure)

1. Down and up

(Bar is at waist, knees dip 1-2 inches and back up, and repeat)

2. Elbows high and outside

(Bar is at waist, dip down and up, on the way up bar continues to travel (collar bone level) as elbows come high and outside, and repeat)

3. Muscle snatch

(from waist, and repeat)

4. Bar on back snatch drop (2,4,6 inch)

(Bar on back, no dip, press bar up as body drops, and repeat)

5. Hang power (putting it all together, and repeat)

Squat Snatch (3-3-3-3-3)

Touch and go if possible. If not drop and reset between reps. Slowly build.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


12 min AMRAP:


Hand stand push ups (box)(1 mat)(deficit)

Hang snatch (75/55)(95/65)(115/85)

***scale back if needed, watch form***

200 m run every 4 minutes