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A Call to Greatness


A Call to Greatness

Often times when we enter anything in life, a competition, a race, a new job, a new team or even the gym, we go in with the intention of being the best. We have visions and dreams of coming out on top, being great and being the “one”, the person that shines and everyone talks about! What a great vision and what a great plan…..

Then you realize that the road is a long one….

I am certainly not telling you to have any less of a winning attitude. You SHOULD want to strive for greatness! You SHOULD always strive to succeed! There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to do well and wanting to be at the top. However, think about any of the situations above that I mentioned and think about how quickly you realize that your hopes of glory are not going to be as immediate as you thought when you realize that there are a lot of people in front of you that are already there. They are in that job or on that team or in your gym and have worked hard, put in the extra hours and paid their dues to get to the top. Sometimes, not always, the visions that we had start to fade a little as we realize the time, work and effort we are going to have to put in to accomplish our vision of being great. Don’t let that happen. The time, the effort and the daily grind are a necessary part of your climb to the top and your call to greatness.

We see so many of you come in every day to better yourselves in the gym. Some days are glorious and some, not so much. There are times of triumph such as when you hit a PR or when you finally string together a movement such as T2B. These are the good days. However, there are times of self doubt too when you leave thinking “why do I work so hard to accomplish nothing”, maybe because of a lift that you didn’t make or a muscle up that you didn’t get. But you need to remember that these are the times in which you will start becoming great. It is how you handle failure that will determine how well you succeed.

Greatness does not come to those that succeed all the time, greatness comes to those that are not afraid to fail. Take your failure and use it to your advantage. Also, watch those that have worked hard to get to where they are, because I can promise you that they failed at some point too and may have word’s of wisdom to offer you. No matter what the situation, the gym, a team, a job or anything in life, ask questions, put in the time, put in the work, NEVER cheat or take the easy way out, ALWAYS look at failure as a stepping stone to success and wake up every single day with the intention to do your best.

Success is a road with many pit stops, bumps, twists and turns but if you are willing to take this road, then you are well on your way to greatness. Now go out there and give everyone something to talk about!