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A Few Things to Remember….


A Few Things to Remember….

There are a few things that we as a box need to remember.

  1. You have coaches for a reason. Listen to them. We are not trying to be mean, we are not trying to pick on anyone and we are not trying to be bossy. We are trying to make sure that no one get’s hurt. We are trying to make sure that you are all getting better. We are trying to make sure that you are having the best (most painful) hour of your day. When the coach is instructing, please listen. We respect you for coming into the box, please respect us for guiding you through.
  2. Tardiness. We are very lenient in this field. We understand that people can get in traffic messes on the way or get an emergency phone call while walking in or have to suddenly change a diaper or put a band aid on a crying child. We get it. Being on time is very important when you have a class that only goes for one hour so PLEASE try to be on time. However, if you do get caught up in life and walk in late, ask your coach what you should do to warm up. They will tell you. Do not argue and do not jump in until you have talked to your coach. If you are super late and miss the entire warm-up, wait until the next class.
  3. You use it, YOU put it away! Many WOD’s have us using much equipment. PLEASE be mindful that we have enough to do in the way of sweeping, mopping and cleaning the bathroom every night. We do not want to also have to clean up weight bars and boxes at the end of the night. If you need to leave early for any reason, tell your coach and they will gladly help you out and put your stuff away for you.
  4. Remember what it is like to be new. We were all the new person once and making friends is just as intimidating as adults as it was when we were kids. If you see a new face, welcome them. Introduce yourself and include them. Everyone is there for the same reason and everyone has a great story to tell. INCLUDE EVERYONE!
  5. Remember why you are here. Something pulled you into this box and the magic of what happens here is what keeps you. The love, the friendships, the strength, the accomplishments. The family. We love you all and want you to succeed. If there is something that we can do better for you, tell us.
  6. Leave the drama at home.

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