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A Weekend Full of Champions!


A Weekend Full of Champions!

Every day for almost 5 years, I’ve watched athletes come in to train. Each person has their own mission and goal – all different, all important. Today, some of our athletes shined and all of their hard training paid off!

I would like to begin with Nicole Lehman. She competed in the 6 mile Brick Division at the Down and Dirty Merrell Obstacle Race today. She had to run and perform in a number of obstacles with a backpack full of bricks (never taking it off)! Nicole came in second place (18 seconds after the 1st place finisher)! She trains hard and today, it paid off! We are so proud of you Nicole!


Next we have our “lifting girls”! Our own OLY coach Riky along with two of our amazing athletes, Emily and Tory, competed in a weightlifting comp today in Cheshire. Tory PR’d her clean and jerk at 57kg(125.4lbs), Emily also PR’d on a lift and Riky took 1st in her weight class. Not to mention Tory was also a referee! You will find these ladies in the back of MCCF on the lifting platforms pretty daily and today the “gainz” were made! Awesome work girls!


And now, we have our amazing teen – Jordan. I will start by saying that CrossFit is a commitment. If you want to go far in this sport, you have to be committed and put in the time. At 14 years old, I have never seen such a passion and commitment to anything as I have seen from Jordan Butler. He started crossfitting at 13 and immediately we all saw the talent. Jordan is in the gym almost every single day working hard. I do not think there is anything that he can’t do!

Today, Jordan competed at CrossFit Red Zone in Newtown, CT. He was among 13-17 year olds and not only did he make us proud with his performance, he brought home a 1st place medal! We could not be more proud of this kid and to go one step further, we thank his parents (and of course his aunt Karen) for supporting his commitment with rides to and from the gym on an almost daily basis. Without your support, this could not happen. Be proud of your boy! And to the rest of the world….remember this name because, for sure he will turn up in the CrossFit Games some day! 

Way to go buddy!!!!!!




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