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All Good Stuff!


All Good Stuff!

Hi guys!

Lot’s to discuss……….

First, I would like to recognize two of our athletes for all of their hard work during the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge. Gary Mandelburg finished 13th in the Northeast for Masters. He is down 12&1/2 lbs and not only looks great but also is performing fantastically at the gym! Nicole Lehman finished in 1st in the Northeast! Nicole works hard every day (twice a day) and it shows in her strength and performance! Amazing job guys!

Excellent job to all who participated!

We had a 4 mile road race last week in Chester on the 4th of July and had more than 20 runners go out to race! Not only did we have some spectacular times but we also finished 4th overall for the teams division (missing 3rd by only 9 seconds)! Once again, MCCF represents proudly!

Let’s talk food…..

KettleBell Kitchen is a Paleo friendly catering company that we are working with to bring you delicious, healthy prepared meals. We have a fridge in the office and they will deliver right to our door for you to pick up! They also do custom meal plans according to your nutritional needs. All of their food is fresh, never frozen and prepared by trained chefs. We will have them at the box this Thursday from 3:30 to 7:00 for a demo of their delicious meals so please stop by to taste and take advantage of this awesome service that we offer!
To see what they are all about, click on this link!

HIIT Class

There is a new class in town and it’s pretty awesome! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is designed to make you sweat! The workouts are long and have you moving non-stop. It is CrossFit-ish but no weight bars! We do body weight, kettle bells, wall balls, rowing, running and anything else that has you moving for 35-40 minutes straight. This class is made for everyone so be sure to talk to any of your friends that have always wanted to try CrossFit but were afraid of the weight bar! The class runs M/W/F at 8am and the cost is 75.00 for an unlimited month of HIIT ONLY and 100.00 for a 10 class punch pass of HIIT ONLY. So spread the word!


FINALLY!!!!!!! We have more space! We have expanded to the space next door and it’s going to be awesome! We’re in the middle of construction now but I can tell you that along with more floor space, there will be a much larger OLY area, possibility of duel classes going on and….wait for it….wait for it………………….SHOWERS!!!!! This is really going to be great for our ever-growing gym. We will have many updates as well as a re-grand opening celebration in the future so get excited and tell all of your friends to come check out MCCF!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer so far! See you all at the box!


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