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………and that’s a wrap!


………and that’s a wrap!

Now that we are a week out of the Open and we’ve gotten back to the regularly scheduled program, it is a great time to reflect on all of the accomplishments made and goals attained as well as learning lessons from the 2016 CrossFit Open. Before I get to that though, I would like to say how proud all of us owners and coaches are of every single one of you that participated as well as all of you that did not but came in to cheer. I’d like to thank you for your patience during the Open weekend’s as they could get a little crazy and you all rolled with it beautifully! So thank you!

Now, the athletes….

Ben – Strong, smooth and steady. That is how I would describe Ben’s performance! He always give it his all and never gives in. Ben is an all around athlete and had a great Open this year! We are proud of you Ben!

Chris D. – He never did Bar MU’s and did a few rounds of them in 16.3 (with beat up hands!) Chris also held on to a hefty, grueling weight throughout 16.5 and finished super strong! Fabulous first time Open Chris!

Chris C. – Cirilli is an amazingly dedicated athlete who is always working hard to better himself. Here is his take on the opens….”It was my first opens. Got my first 50 unbroken double unders and did far more bar muscle ups than I thought I could. Although the the weights and workouts were a little discouraging as a first timer in the Open, it was an eye opener to me for next year”.

Chris M. – In gutsy performance on 16.4, Chris made it to the wall with minutes to spare. He was amazing! Here are his own words on the Open this year….”Masters 45-49. Last year 281/1051=top 28% in the NE. Goal for 2016 was top 25%. This year top 29% in the NE. Older, 15 lbs heavier AND not as fit, dealt with injury quite a bit this year, 300+ more old people competed this year and STILL held my own. GOALS until next year, listen to my coaches, eat better, work hard, get stronger, get faster. Retest my fitness in 2017″.

Dana – Dana gives her all always and I admire her fearless attempts at anything! I had the pleasure of judging Dana for 16.1 and she was unsure of RX, but was talked into it anyway! She killed the lunges (burpees too) and got on the bar for C2B pullups for the first time ever. She got through them like a champ! I LOVED this moment!

Dave C. – Dave has been a part of MCCF for a couple of years and works very hard and has made awesome progress which showed when he hit some Bar MU’s in 16.3! He had some very gutsy performances and we could not be more proud of him! Great work Dave!

Frank – Every year, Frank steps up to the plate of the Open and every year, we find ourselves in a circle around him cheering him on! He is so exciting to watch and as our most life experienced athlete competing, we are always left in awe of Frank’s capacity to not only finish each WOD strong, but to absolutely kill every single WOD given. At 59 years old, Frank has some of the most amazing performances of the Open always. We admire him so much and can never wait to see what he has in store!

Gabe – What an athlete! He told me his 16.5 score from 2 years ago and said he was facing off with a guy in the military at the time so he wasn’t even going to try to get the same score. He said he’d be happy to be close enough. Not only did Gabe have an amazing ability to pick the bar up quickly after he dropped it, he cruised through that WOD like he owned it and ended BEATING his original time! It was such a great moment!

Gina – Gina signed up and showed up. She handled the first WOD like a champ but decided that she loves CrossFit and the spirit of CrossFit and that the Open and competing were not for her. She comes almost every day at 5:30am with her teenage daughter and that is what she loves! Gina chose to be a cheerleader for everyone else competing in the Open and we love and respect that decision! Thank you Gina!!!!

Ginny – I got the phone call at 8:30pm on Thursday night after 16.2 was announced. Ginny was going away on business and had to get it done so we met up around 9pm and she informed me that she didn’t think she would get 1 rep of T2B but was determined to try because she wanted RX. After 3 times of re-starting the clock, Ginny was pretty warmed up to the movement and banged out 4 reps like nothing! I have never seen someone so happy! I loved it this moment because this is what it’s all about!

Hadley – She had a goal ALL YEAR LONG and that was to RX the Open WODs! She did it!!! Hadley was so determined to get a Bar MU in 16.3 that she attempted 4 times and bruised her arms up and down. She has mental toughness and never gives up! Great job Hads!

Heather – Heather impressed us all with her absolute desire to get that bar MU! This girl held on and kicked longer than anyone I have ever seen! I think she deserved the rep just for being on that bar for so long! So awesome!

Jeanie – I got to judge Jeanie through 16.5 and the way that she paced it was text book. Not one stop, not frantic at all. Just smooth and steady throughout the entire WOD. I was super impressed!

Jeff (Festa!) – Festa is fun to judge. He goes his hardest, never gives up and give you that face! You know the one I’m talking about….the face that looks straight at you as if to say “Really?!?!” LOL! I recall 16.1 while I was judging and Sean was coaching Festa through. He got on that bar with C2B pullups like he owned the thing! It was an awesome performance! Great work Festa!

John (Kwaz) and Dan Rovella – Kwaz and Dan had an awesome 16.1 performance! Unfortunately during the time of the Open, John hurt his shoulder and Dan hurt his back and they both very wisely pulled themselves from the competition. They are both back at it now and looking stronger than ever, and taking care of their injuries. We are proud of these extremely strong, very smart athletes!

Jordan – As our youngest athlete in the Open, we were all watching out for this guy. The pressure that this competition places on a person at such a young age can be intense. We all wanted Jordan to do his best but kept in mind that he is a 15 year old freshman in high school that has a whole fun world outside of CrossFit and should be enjoying that as well. I must say that this kid handled the pressure better than most mature adults I know. He came in prepared and ready to perform. Jordan left every one of us in awe. He finished the Open 13th IN THE WORLD! There are no words to express our admiration for this kids courage, heart and passion. We are so proud that he is a part of MCCF!

Kaylyn – Kay was the sunshine bouncing around the gym cheering everyone on before absolutely attacking and annihilating every single WOD herself! She came home from BC every weekend of the Open to do her WOD’s at home! Not only did she wow us with her athleticism, she placed 56th in the North East Region, which, if they hadn’t switched around the regions  a couple of years ago, would have placed her at regionals! Kay you’re amazing and we are so happy you came home!

Kerry S. – Not only did this girl push through every WOD, she did it with a smile on her face! This is what she had to say about the Open….” it was a great experience.. Awesome to be cheered on by everyone and see how hard everyone worked… The workouts definitely pushed me to work my hardest, which I really need”. – We could not be more proud of you Kerry!

Kevin (Spedding!) – This guy hadn’t done a bar MU since the summer and was very uncertain that he would get any in 16.3. Not only did he get them, he flew through multiple rounds of them! It was an unbelievable performance! Another great performance was 16.1. He fought for those heavy lunges, killed the burpees and made C2B pullups look easy! Great stuff Spedding!

Liz L. – Not only did she set a PR on 16.5, she set the gym PR by being the only one to stand up and walk away from the bar like a boss (while everyone else laid in pools of sweat angels for 5 minutes)! Out of 7624 women in the region, Liz ended up a very impressive 770th in the North East! You are a machine Liz!

Liz R. –  This mama came in with baby in tow and absolutely killed every WOD – with a smile – just 4 months after having a baby! We are all very inspired by her determination! Amazing job Liz!

Meredith – Like her sister (actually, they went together, on opposite bars form one another) Meredith tried so hard for that bar MU! She could not have come closer, whipping one arm up and over and fighting so hard to get that other one to do the same! All this with a smile after every rep! She is so close so we need to keep on her to get one!!!! Awesome job!

Mike P. – Mike said that he wasn’t able to get to the box as much as he’d have liked to this year so he was thankful for the Open in forcing him there weekly and for all the athlete’s for pushing him through. His performances were fantastic! Great job Mike!

Mike K. – Mike went heavy on 16.5 at the RX weight of 95lbs. He finished just under 40 min. and never stopped. His mental toughness through that WOD has to be one of my personal favorite moments of the Open!

Mike L. – This guy! He is just a couple of months out of onramp and not only RX’d every single WOD, he learned Bar MU’s on the fly and strung them together for 16.3! Let’s keep our eyes on him! Great job Mike!

Nick – We had the pleasure of judging each other for 16.4. Just when I thought I’d die, Nick gave me the encouragement I needed to hang on! As for his performance, it was awesome! He went through the deadlifts super smooth and transitioned into the wall balls beautifully. The row was super strong and he made it to the wall for a few HSPU’s! Great job Nick!

Nicole L. – Nicole has been working so hard this year at her training. She has been dedicated and putting in two a days with some extremely intense workouts. It all paid off. She not only crushed the WOD’s, she crushed her goal of top 1000 in the North East ending up in 579th place in the region! Awesome Nicole!

Pam – Trooper! I loved judging Pam! She would be the first athlete to go on Saturday mornings and always went with enthusiasm! Pam kept every single WOD steady and never faltered once. She was very methodical and handled herself in a cool and calm manner while absolutely crushing it! She also brought her own cheering section, her hubby! So sweet!

Sean – Kaylyn said that one of her favorite moments of the Open was when she thought Sean had hit the bar for C2B pullups in 16.1 and was going to give him the rep but Sean turned around and no-repped himself! LOL! Quite the man of integrity! Awesome as always Sean!

Tom (“Killa”) – Tom is awesome. He performed every WOD as if it were a live competition and out of 447 people in his age category, in the North East, Tom placed an amazing 38th place. Worldwide, out of 3347 people in his age category, Tom placed 344 – IN THE WORLD! So amazing!!! We are so proud of you Tom!

Tristan – I never imagined what I would create when I asked this guy if he’d like to try a CrossFit workout a couple of years ago. He not only loved it, he keeps a journal, checks the WOD every night and is married to the Whiteboard! He’s worked so hard all year and during 16.3, got Bar MU’s in a WOD for the very first time! When I asked him what he learned he replied “that I have to get better at double unders”!  Ha! He rocked his first Open! I am very proud of him!

Wendell – This one! When I asked him what memory he had from the Open, he said “it was a blur”! HOWEVER….Kaylyn was quick to point out that Wendell was in the top 200 for his age category! WENDELL?!?! I’d say that is pretty awesome! We are very proud of this guy! Great work WTW!

And finally, a HUGE thank you goes out to Jocelyn, Kaylyn, Kristin, Maggie, Riky, Sean, Zack, Wendell as well as Chris Cirilli, Kevin Spedding, Nicole Lehman and Nick Kornacki for not only getting certified to be a judge but for taking a ton of time out of your busy lives to help in all ways possible to make this year’s Open run smoothly. It takes so much work, effort and time and you all were so wonderful and giving. Thank you all so much!

On to 2017…………

*Photo credit to Kaylyn Wiese (Thank you Kay!)