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In the past month, I think it is safe to say that if you have not seen Sandi at MCCF, at least a few times a week then YOU have not been coming! She has come back with a vengeance and some goals and we all noticed how insanely hard she has been working and that is why Sandi Tanasi is our April Athlete of the Month!

I asked her to tell us a bit about her fitness journey and she spoke of her upbringing and how her parents came over from Greece in 1974 and worked hard to chase the American Dream, but fitness was never really a part of their regular life. She said she had good genetics and was blessed with a great metabolism and did do gymnastics and distance running when she was younger. But then…. life started to happen (marriage, kids, full time job) and things started to slow down in the way of metabolism. (A part of life many of us can relate to)!

Sandi was brought to MCCF by her good friend Michelle Michaud and the rest…..I’ll let her tell you……

“Michelle and I have been friends for almost 30 years and when she moved to Old Saybrook, she found MCCF (she used to do crossfit in Wallingford).  She would talk about MCCF and how awesome the community was and how invigorating she felt after a “WOD”.  But Michelle is very competitive and I am not…..I thought she was crazy!

About 2 years ago (I think), she dragged me in for a Saturday Master’s class and I was hooked. I had never had so much fun exercising as I did that day! The people were amazingly friendly (and sweaty) and extremely happy all at the same time. I had to find out why, so I joined. Over the last two years I have been coming to work out on and off. Sometimes I’d come for long stretches but I’d also take long stretches off. Each time I came back from an absence, the MCCF family embraced me and pulled me into the fold.
Over the last 6 months some life changes have occurred that have necessitated me to step back and decide what’s important to me….my health, family and friends. So at the end of February, I made a promise to myself to begin my journey to be come healthy, starting with helping my mind and body de-stress at MCCF. Out of the last 35 days I have been at MCCF 27. I feel so good after every workout.
The biggest impact MCCF has made on me is being part of this unbelievable awesome community. The MCCF community amazes me. I have never been a part of group of people from such varied backgrounds and ages who are so genuinely kind, caring, supportive and so enthusiastically encouraging.
I know very well that I am always one round behind, the slowest runner and the last one to finish. I have one speed and it is slow! There is never any judgement, no one minds that they have to wait for me to finish and most of the time, friends dive in and finish that last round with me. It’s truly the most heartwarming feeling. After every WOD, no matter how tired I am or how sore I am, I have the biggest smile on my face!”
She also mentioned that some of her favorite moments at MCCF are the charity WOD’s, getting an 85lb Push Press PR and finally doing a handstand after 20 years!
Sandi, we all think you are one amazing lady and we could not be happier to name you as our Athlete of the Month! Congratulations!!!!
Sandi and her beautiful family!