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April’s Athlete of the Month – Frank Chan


April’s Athlete of the Month – Frank Chan

Everyone knows Frank Chan the soft spoken cheerful masters athlete that crushes WODs and always participates in MCCF events, this year his Opens performance was inspiring. He and his wife Stephanie are fixtures at Midcoast the back bone of this crazy family. So happy and honored to know you Frank. Thank you for being a part of MCCF!

Here is a little from Frank!

“Until the first on-ramp day with Tony, I thought I was fit – how hard could it be jumping up a 24” box 10 times? I have been running since college (in the late 70’s) and has maintained the activities over the years, on and off.  My weight fluctuated during active duty in the Navy though I was always able to pass the physical fitness test easily – it is just a 1.5-mile run, 30+ sit ups and 30+ push ups.  When I became a senior naval officer in leadership positions, I set an example for the younger folks by aiming for the highest score in the fitness test. I still have a standing challenge (1.5-mile run) with the current Chief of Naval Operations.  For the longest time, I considered running to be the most efficient way to lose/maintain weight.  Our son, Tim Chan, discovered Crossfit and got my wife Stephanie and then me into this community so we are a crossfire family and able to converse about Jerks and Snatches without sounding rude.

Outside of the Crossfit regiment, I enjoy fly fishing in the New England area but my favorite fishing retreat is on the Jackson River in Virginia.  Hiking is another activity Stephanie and I enjoy as we are fortunate to be close to the White Mountains, though Stephanie has much better endurance uphill and superior technique downhill.

I love the vibe at the box and the many friends who do something incredible each day. I smile every time folks outside of Crossfit say that women can’t do pull-ups. It gives me a chance to talk about Crossfit and the fabulously strong people with whom I WOD.”

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