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May’s Athlete of the Month – Ginny Wiese


May’s Athlete of the Month – Ginny Wiese

On any given day in the box, you will hear people cheering on other athletes as they finish a grueling workout. You will see people standing around clapping, yelling and giving the extra “push” to the final finishers. This is the camaraderie that everyone at MCCF loves and this is what keeps us all coming back. The cheerleaders, the positive “you can do this” attitude and the one’s that will go the extra mile and join in even after they have just finished the workout for themselves. Among these people you may hear one really loud, positive voice leading the pack and not only making athletes believe that they can finish the wod, she will get down and finish it with you! That voice? Ginny Wiese.
Ginny has been a member of MCCF pretty much since the very beginning. I remember how nervous she was the first weeks. She would step the 12″ box and say I don’t ever think I could jump on it. She would lift a bare bar and tell us how she never thought she could put weight on it. There were so many doubts but it never stopped her from coming and it never stopped her from trying. As the months went on, the confidence grew. The 12″ box got jumped on and raised to 20″ and the weights went on that bar and haven’t stopped going up since! Over the past few years, some of the greatest moments during the opens have been Ginny unsure of what she could do and always coming through with what she thought she could not. Some of the greatest moments in the box are when an athlete doubts themselves as to what they can do and this tiny person with this loud voice say’s “Go for it! I know you can”! She is always there to lend a hand or a positive voice to everyone whether the athlete has been coming for years or the athlete just walked through the door for the very first time!
Ginny is a dedicated athlete that has had many PR’s over the past few months and is never afraid to go for the next one! She is a busy mother of three, business owner and doctor who always makes time in her crazy schedule to come to MCCF.
In Ginny’s own words…
“I think the lives of moms is totally different. I’m not trying to say hurrah for me…just the practicality of our daily lives is different. I’m not judging my busy life vs.another, everyone has their own story. I take full responsibility for my hectic-ness. But every day at work, I have patients wanting to exercise and lose weight. There’s always an excuse and the main one is no time.
We make it a priority. Sometimes work wins, sometimes kids win but it’s about finding balance. Our health is critical since we have to care for others. If we don’t fill up our tank and make ourselves good examples for our kids, no one else will.
CrossFit has changed my life in more ways than I can say. Friendship and health both mental and physical”.
You are a great example Ginny! Congratulations, you are the MCCF Athlete of the Month!
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