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Our Athlete of the Month is no stranger to anyone as she has been coming to MCCF for 5+ years. Lately however, we have taken notice that she has stepped up her game. She has been getting stronger, faster and landing herself on the top of the whiteboard some days. Over the years we have watched Jess Funke evolve into an amazing athlete and we could not be more proud of her!

I asked Jess to give a few highlights as to what brought her to MCCF and some special memories along the way and this is what she had to say….

“I came to MCCF over 5 years ago. I had started a new job and was in the processes of moving and needed to find a gym to fit my schedule and new location. I had been a regular gym goer for years, spending hours on cardio equipment and dabbling with weight machines. So when I was in search of a new gym, I came across MCCF. I didn’t really know much about it other than it looked intense. I had a friend in Danbury that did it, so I reached out to her to get the low down. After encouragement to give it a try I signed up for on ramp. Due to my schedule, I did on ramp one on one with Tim Chan. Although I started alone, I immediately felt welcomed. The combination of cardio, lifting and a challenge was exactly what I wanted. I was immediately hooked.

Over the years I have grown stronger both physically and emotionally with MCCF. This place has given me an outlet to rid myself of daily frustrations and have a good laugh. Whether I attend my regular (small) 6:30 pm class or get my butt out of bed for the random 5:30 am class, I am always surrounded by great people. I have always said to outsiders that although CF is not a team sport, I always feel the support of a team or what we call our MCCF Family. Without the coaches and my peers I would probably slack off, never hit a 205 back squat or never get pull-ups, which took 5 years (or over 30…)!
Thank you MCCF for keeping me inspired to work out. From daily WODs, EWODs, StrongMan and OLY, I love it all and need it all to keep me motivated. My week is not the same without you all in it!”
….And we would not be the same without you here!
Congratulations Jess! You have come so far and certainly earned the title of Athlete of the Month!