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Athlete of the Month – JULY


Athlete of the Month – JULY

We gained an awesome new member earlier this year and she has been showing up, putting in the work and just getting better and better each time she’s here! We could not be more proud of Audra and her incredible fitness journey! We asked her some questions about her months here at MCCF and this is what she had to say….

What brought you to MCCF?
“About a year ago, I began a long journey of health and nutrition as I needed to make big changes in how I was living my life. I began eating much healthier and eventually started jogging. As the winter was winding down, I found myself really wanting to keep up with the cardio aspect of my exercise but also wanted to add in a strength portion as well. Since my husband and I moved to the area only a couple of years ago, I found myself wanting to do something that would include some sort of social aspect, but that was still serious about working out. Through the nutritionist I was meeting with at the time, I found out that a colleague of mine, Sean Clayton, worked at MCCF and she thought I should check it out. After speaking with Sean, I decided to give it a try. I admit, I was really nervous as I started at MCCF but my fears were quickly put aside by all of the people I met. All of the coaches are incredibly helpful and every single person I have met through my transition at MCCF has inspired me to work harder each day.”
What accomplishments have you made while at MCCF?
“Honestly, every time I complete a WOD that looks too hard (which most of them do) I feel an incredible sense of accomplishment! The fact that I am getting to the gym 3 times a week, on top of jogging is an accomplishment considering a year ago, I was doing no exercise at all. Every time I go up in weights on a lift or that I can now do box jumps on the 18″ box are also some of the smaller (yet celebrated) accomplishments for me.”
How has MCCF made an impact on your fitness?
“I feel like my level of physical fitness has skyrocketed since joining MCCF. I’m still jogging regularly, and I am not that fast, but I feel much stronger than I did when I was running without MCCF workouts. I am still just starting out, so it is hard to say there have been measurable gains in my fitness, but there are little things that I notice. I am getting more flexible and because of the strength I have gained, I feel like I recover much more quickly from working out as well. When I started, my knees often hurt after any workout that included squats. Not that I don’t have soreness, but after months of wall balls, I can proudly say that my knees don’t hurt any more and I don’t dread them! I have so much farther to go, that at times it’s hard to think about accomplishments or gains in fitness, but now I feel like I am on the right track and I feel great.”
Anything else you’d like to share?
“MCCF has gotten me back to the athlete I was throughout high school and college and has reminded me how much I enjoy pushing myself. I can’t stress enough how important the community at MCCF has impacted me. The coaches at MCCF always take the time to make sure I understand the lifts as they break each lift down into manageable pieces. I have met people who are interested in living healthy lives who are all willing to share ideas as well as words of encouragement. Whether it’s a quick “Nice job!” in the middle of a workout, or a text from someone encouraging me to attend MCCF workouts, it has all helped me to work harder and stick with it!  Without all of the people I have met at MCCF, I don’t think I would still be here, and I hope they all know how much I appreciate everything they do to encourage me!”
Audra, we all appreciate your encouragement too and are all so happy you choose to come to MCCF! We could not be more proud of just how amazing you are! Congratulations!!!!

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