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Athlete of the Month – June


Athlete of the Month – June

This month’s Athlete of the Month has been stepping up her game and we have all noticed! From attending 5 times a week to crushing WOD’s at RX and RX+ as well as the many PR’s she has put up, Courtney gives 110% every time she walks through the door, always does it with a smile on her face! We love having her here at MCCF and can not wait to see what the future holds for this awesome athlete!

I asked Courtney a few questions about her experience at MidCoast CrossFit and here is what she had to say:

What brought you to MCCF?
“My wife and I had just moved from New Haven to Old Lyme and I had been doing crossfit at CrossFit NH for awhile but not too consistently. I emailed Wendell and he told me to go in and try a class. My first class was with Elayne and she was so welcoming. Everyone there working out seemed super happy to be apart of the gym that I knew I would love working out here. The vibe of the gym and the energy was great because it did truly feel like a community of people who really liked one another and loved to get a good sweat on!”
What are some memorable moments?
“Honestly I feel like anytime I go to the box for a workout it’s memorable. Being an athlete my whole life and playing basketball in college, I’m so used to pushing myself to the max. I feel like the workouts are programmed so well here that anytime I go I know they will push me to get the most out of myself.”
What are some of your accomplishments?
“I took a couple months off from working out over the winter season and seemed to be coming up with excuse after excuse to not work out.  I wasn’t in a good place with my fitness. When I emailed Elayne and Wendell that I needed to get back to the gym, they were super encouraging to get back at it! Now I am so much more consistent, getting to the gym 4-5 x a week and I feel so much better about everything! Feeling healthier, eating healthier, living better!  I’m finally consistently making an effort to make the time for something that has been a part of me my whole life.  So honestly over any PR, or good time for a WOD, or work out that goes well, I feel like that is such a huge accomplishment for me. Finally realizing that working out and pushing my limits is a part of who I am and I really need to make time for it!”
Anything else you would like to say?
“Really just that I feel really honored to be athlete of the month. There are so many inspiring people that work out here that all have such positive attitudes and kick ass!!! that it encourages me to get the most out of myself when I go.  I’m not the most talkative person during workouts because my whole life I have been under the camera to perform at a high athletic level. Sometimes that pressure takes the “fun” out of the sport so to speak. I still find myself going into that “game” zone during workouts (haha) but being a part of  MCCF has really been a place that has taught me to truly enjoy fitness again and I’m very grateful for that. Thanks to all the awesome coaches for providing an awesome space and environment as well as all the members who kick ass and push themselves everyday!”
Courtney, you are such a great part of our community at MCCF and we are so happy to call you the Athlete of the Month!