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Athlete of the Month – May


Athlete of the Month – May

Every month we pick an athlete to have the honor of Athlete of the Month. We always look at the athlete’s accomplishments and attendance and all of the hard work they put in every time they are at the box. This month is no different, however this month…..we chose a coach.

Kristin Thomas has always been a dedicated athlete. She was a member in a “crossfittish” class that I taught in the big local gym in town before opening MCCF. When MCCF opened, she was one of the very first members through the door to sign up before that door even opened. She loved it from the start! Quickly understanding the movements, the members and the passion for CrossFit, Kristin got certified and went on to get her Endurance certification. We were so excited to bring Kristin on as a coach and she has been one of the most loved, respected coaches with an amazing attention to detail and a way to make the “pain” fun!

Earlier this year, Kristin announced her pregnancy and as we have watched that baby grow in her belly, we have also watched her absolutely annihilate WOD’s! The strength that she has displayed since the beginning of her pregnancy is unbelievable. I think she is actually stronger now than she was before! Her PR’s have skyrocketed and her ability to still be high up on the leader board is nothing short of amazing!

Kristin, you are not only a role model for all of our members and coaches, you are setting a beautiful foundation and example for your son (who, by the way I CAN NOT wait to hold while you workout)!!!!

Congratulations, Kristin, you are the first coach and the most deserving person for the May Athlete of the Month! We all just love you!

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