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When thinking of our latest Athlete of the Month, two words come to mind….”Rock On”! You guessed it, our January Athlete of the Month is none other than Tony Silverio!

Tony came to us about a year ago and from the second he walked through the door, his enthusiasm and pure excitement for everything was contagious! We knew we had someone special and look forward to seeing him every time he comes in! At 5:30 am, you will find Tony happily waiting outside with his yellow reflective vest, headlamp and music on because he has just finished a one to two mile tire drag up Ragged Rock Rd! He lights up our 5:30am class with his awesome self and ALWAYS suggests we ditch the WOD and go to Christies for breakfast! (One of these days we are going to surprise you Tony and go)!

There is not a day that he does not put in 110% and when he is not here crushing WOD’s, or doing Stronman or OLY, you can find Tony doing anything from some type of adventure race on the weekend to practicing his double under’s in the corner or even installing our showers and fixing our plumming! He’s a “jack of all trades” and always lends a helping hand!

When I asked Tony for some of his favorite moments at MCCF, he quickly mentioned the charity WOD’s and being able to workout with a ton of people in the same room for a good cause! I also asked him what MCCF has done for him and here is what Tony said:

“MCCF has done so much for me. Humbled me a lot. I’m just starting to realize that it’s my workout and how it works for me. I’m in the best shape of my life at 51 and not getting injured because all of our coaches look out for us. As a business owner and someone that has to work every day to survive, this is the most important thing to me!!!

The people down here are all great and the fact there is no one judging you is awesome. I have many lifelong friends and now I have a lot more, thanks to you guys!”

Congratulations Tony! You are the January Athlete of the Month – ROCK ON!


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