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Big Month for MCCF!


Big Month for MCCF!

As November comes to a close, I’d like to highlight some of the awesome things that our members did this month.

On November 5th, Kerry Stephenson not only completed the NYC Marathon, she also has one of the funniest stories of adventure! In summary, she got off a bus to quickly run into a gas station to use the facilities and even though the bus driver promised to wait for her, when she came out, the bus was gone. As she begged each bus that went by to let her on, with no luck, she had a nice woman stop and offer a ride. So…. Kerry hitchhiked, tried to jump a fence and got escorted to the start line! Once finally there, the gun went off and off she went. 26 miles with a quick stop around mile 18 for a beer with relatives along the way (of course), Kerry completed this amazing feat in awesome Kerry Stephenson style! We are so proud of our girl and she definitely needs to write a book about her experience!

We also had one of our newer members Diana DiConte run the full NYC Marathon! After training very hard, she crushed it and made us all really proud! Great job Diana!

On November 11th & 12th, we had four of our athletes go to NJ to run in a qualifying race for the US Ultra Marathon Team called 1 Day at the Fair. This is a 24 hour event where runners can do either 24hrs, 12hrs, 6hrs, a marathon or 50K. Wendell, Maggie, Kevin and Casey set out to see what they could do! In 24 hours, Wendell ran an amazing 70 miles! In 12 hours, Maggie ran an amazing 44 miles and also in 12 hours both Kevin and Casey ran an amazing 40 miles! Literally all in a day’s work! Absolutely awesome guys!



On November 19th, our OLY Coach, Zack Flagge competed at Trinity and not only got an 80kg Snatch ut he PR’d his Clean and Jerk at 105kg’s! Amazing job Zack! We couldn’t be more proud!

There were many happenings in October that deserve mention too….

Oct. 8th – Ben Newton completed the Newport Full marathon.

Oct. 28th – Liz Lynde, Pamelia and Kevin Spedding completed the Steam Train 1/2 Marathon

Oct. 17th – Rob Artus and Kerry Stephenson completed the Hartford Half Marathon

Oct. – Bill Atwood got his USAW coaching Certification and also placed 2nd at a USAW Competition!

We are so proud of all of our athletes!!!!