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Clean and Jerk Complex


Clean and Jerk Complex

Midcoast CrossFit – Oly

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Warm up stretches-oly (No Measure)

20 pass thru’s

20 halos

Sampson stretch
Any other stretch as needed.

Clean and Jerk (3 Cleans + 1 Jerk)

1 set= 3 squat cleans (from the floor) in a row then 1 jerk (after the 3rd clean). Bar can be dropped between cleans and lifter should reset. This is not for time and proper form should be maintained for all the lifts.

Build up in weight to a heavy set of

3 cleans + 1 jerk. Once heavy single is established then take 75-80% of that and complete 3 total sets with this same weight.

Proper rest between sets is important and should be approx. 1-2 min. in length.