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Comp Ready


Comp Ready

Midcoast CrossFit – PUMP

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Metcon (No Measure)

Clean Assistance Exercises:

Clean High Pull 4x (moderate to heavy)

Sots Press 3x (light)

45 Bent Row 3x (moderate to heavy)

Close Grip Press 3x (moderate to heavy)

Clean Grip Romanian Deadlift 4x (moderate to heavy)

Jerk Assistance Exercises:

Lunge in Split Stance 3x

Jerk Recovery 3x

Double Overhead KB Hold/Carry

Strict Press in Split Stance 2x


RKC Plank 10 sec holds

Bird Dog Rows 3x

***Snatch Assistance Exercises***

Snatch Dead Lift 3x

Paused OHS 3x

Snatch Grip Push Press 3x

Barbell Rows 4x

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