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Our Athlete of the Month for December has been stepping up her game! Trish is one strong woman who always comes in with a smile on her face and a fierce desire to own the WOD! We are so excited to see how far this amazing athlete will go!
I asked Trish to summarize her experience at MCCF. Here is what she had to say!

“One of my favorite things about MCCF is the energy! Everyone is routing each other on and want to make sure we all get those awesome PRs! The minute you step through that door you are accepted. There is no expectation that you have to have a six pack and be able to do MU’s on the first day…….. But if that is your goal, as long as you put in the work, they will get you there. One thing no one warned me about is that once you start crossfit you are addicted! At first, you start with 2-3 days a week then suddenly you find you are going in 5-6 days a week and then get slightly depressed when you have to take a rest day and can’t go get your ass kicked by their custom torture device known as the WOD! This brings me to the coaches… on MANY occasions I have came in and thought there is no way I could do the RX or RX+ weight and basically Elayne looks at me like I’m crazy and says “yeah you’re going to do that weight” and she is right every time. It helps to have someone have faith in you even when you do not! The coaches push you and do not cottle you which I like and actually strive on. They cheer you on more than anyone in the room and that is what makes them all amazing.

What brought me to MCCF is the fact that I like to lift heavy and when I did similar Crossfit-ish workouts at another gym I was instantly in love with this style. I took a vacation from working out for about 4 years due to life getting in the way and started back at it a little over a year ago. In that year, I have challenged myself to 2 half marathons and a CF competition with another one on the way. I had heard good things about MCCF and decided to try it one day and knew it was the place for me to grow even further in my fitness endeavors. I have always liked to challenge myself and MCCF is where I can do that on a daily basis and still walk away smiling. I came here looking for more of a physical challenge and came away meeting great people that are just as crazy as I am with the stuff they put their body through.

Some of my special memories of MCCF are:

-Meeting Mada the Unicorn on Halloween

-Having Kristin stand by me the first time I did the 53lb KB in a WOD telling me to pick it up every time I dropped it (her gentle boot-camp style brought out the “fine I’ll do it” in me)

-The overwhelming high intensity of your first WOD with Tony, who randomly shouts out cheers to everyone in the room while doing HSPU or burpees. (You may ask who can talk cohesively through   burpees and that would be Tony)!

-Having my first official WOD as a member be a hero WOD when I was unsure what the hell I signed up for.

-When Zack was Elayne’s voice when she lost it, this might be my favorite as she was trying to get Zack’s attention by waving her hands around. It was a great start to the WOD.”

Trish, you are an amazing example and role model for your daughters and we could not be happier that you found MCCF!
Congratulations, you are the December Athlete of the Month!

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