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February’s Athlete of the Month – Chris Santarsiero


February’s Athlete of the Month – Chris Santarsiero

Waking up to get to a 5:30am class is not for the faint of heart, most of us are curled up in bed or maybe hitting snooze for the second or third time. Our February athlete is not one of those people, he is at MCCF working on getting better everyday. Chris has all the traits you would expect from an MCCF athlete cheerful, humble and the big one consistent. That is the word I hear most often about Chris and it has brought him far, muscle ups are in his very near future because of that consistency. You deserve a big round of applause for your progress and we can’t wait to see what you do this year!

Here is a little from Chris:

“I am honored by this because we have so many deserving and hardworking athletes. While I have always tried to stay active, CrossFit motivated me to get back in shape. This was something I lost as my career and family life took off. Each day, the CrossFit WOD presents a new challenge that tests your capabilities. It is truly an addicting experience I am so appreciative to have. Thank you coaches for being so dedicated to all our success. Our whole MCCF community has been really helpful in bringing me back. Witnessing a fellow MCCF member accomplish something amazing drives you to improve. I also want thank my wife Heather who allows me to sneak out at the crack of dawn to do this. Her encouragement and support has been wonderful. See you at the box because we all have many more PRs in us!”


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