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January Athlete of the Month


January Athlete of the Month

Our January Athlete of the month has been with us for a few years. In this time, she has not only picked up (and very quickly) DU’s T2B, Pullups and the other day did an assisted Bar MU, she is getting stronger by the day! Every time we lift these days it seems like she hits a PR! Alisha is quite an athlete and quite an awesome lady too! We could not be more excited to name her athlete of the month for January!
I asked Alisha to write a little about her MCCF experience and here is what she had to say…..

” I’ve been at MCCF for a few years now. I am so grateful to be a part of such an awesome community. I’m proud to be part of a community that is always giving back. I’m also grateful for Tony and Casey who pushed me to try MCCF. I was so scared and so nervous to start. I was so close to ditching because I thought I wasn’t going to make it out alive. Everyone was so warm and welcoming which made the transition much easier.
MCCF has been such a positive impact in my life. Of course we all have our ups and downs in life, but the second you walk into the box, for me personally, life is put on pause. For one, I’m concentrating on not dying in the WOD. But really I turn my brain off and try to push myself to the limits. I love how everyone wants to see each other succeed and reach their goals. I love cheering people on and seeing PRs being made. I definitely feel it in return. I want to continue to get stronger and improve movements that need work. Whether it be a long grind in an EWOD, heavy weight in a WOD or an uncomfortable movement in skills class, the coaches are there to support you. I’m so thankful for all the coaches that push me and give me helpful tips. We are all so lucky to have you guys.
I’ve looked at WODs and thought man, there’s no way in hell I can do that, no way I can do that weight. So my favorite memory would be finishing a WOD I said to myself I couldn’t. Accomplishing something I told myself isn’t possible is so rewarding. Also, there’s no better way than starting my day with the 5:30am crew. The energy they have at that hour is inspiring.(and maybe slightly crazy) We might be half asleep when we get there but wired when we leave! I’ve met some really awesome people at MCCF and developed new friendships. Whether it’s 5:30am or 5:30pm, I’m so happy to surround myself with genuinely good people. Thank you for the inspiration you all give me. I love being apart of the MCCF community!”

We love having you as a part of our community! Congratulations Alisha, you are athlete of the month! Well deserved!