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Jordan Butler


Jordan Butler

“After reviewing many applications from athletes YOU are one of the 10 athletes who has qualified to make the NTTL compete team! We are very excited to be adding you to the team!”

This is the way the letter began.

We are so incredibly proud to announce that Jordan Butler has made the National Teen Throwdown League! He will be competing at local competitions for them in order to keep his spot on the team. This is no surprise because, as we have all seen, Jordan is at MCCF just about every day for hours working hard. The dedication that he has is second to none and the maturity at 14 years old that Jordan has is admirable. An example of this is an e-mail that I received from a box owner of a CF gym that Jordan had been to on vacation earlier this year. The email stated how impressed he was with Jordan’s maturity in the gym as well as his movements and composure at such a young age. This guy went out of his way to praise Jordan and I wrote back to him thank you and how impressed we at MCCF are with Jordan as well.

Jordan, no one deserves this honor more than you and we are all so excited to see what your future holds. I will close with the final sentence on the letter from the NTTL to Jordan because it pretty much sums things up….

“We are excited to see what you will bring to the table and we hope to hear back from you! You are the future of fitness!  Welcome to the NTTL compete team!




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