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July Athlete of the Month


July Athlete of the Month

This month’s athlete of the month will come as no surprise!

Dana Stivers is not only an athlete that has a desire to learn and further herself in CrossFit, she has an unbelievable ability to never give up! Dana will stay at the box well after she’s worked out to learn new things. One of the most recent was a bar muscle up. We watched Dana as she’d get on the bar over and over and over again. She would watch other’s techniques, use bands for assistance, take the bands away and then started making attempt after attempt until after all that hard work, she got it! She is now performing them in WOD’s! Her tenacity is admirable and this is why we chose Dana to be our July Athlete of the Month!

I asked Dana to give us a little background as to how she chose MCCF and what some of her great memories are and this is what she had to say:

“When we first moved to the Shoreline area one of the first things we did was look for a gym to join. I didn’t know much about CrossFit, but there was a shoreline deal and we decided to jump on it. We did on-ramp with Zack, and Hadley was in our group. I remember being in awe of everyone at MCCF—how much they could lift, how they could do pull ups and other fancy things on the rig, and most importantly, how welcoming everyone was. I was fairly certain that I would never move past the 18lb kettle bell or the 15lb bar (sans weight), but I was quickly hooked.

From crossfit I have learned so much about pushing myself and growth. I remember the first WOD that Zack threw us into during on-ramp—I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to finish it, but everyone was so supportive and encouraging and this helped me push through (and our community continues to help me push through daily!).

Hands-down my favorite thing about MCCF is the people. I’m inspired daily by how hard everyone pushes themselves and folk’s support for one another. I grew up playing a variety of team sports and I have really enjoyed being part of a team again at MCCF.”

Dana, we are SO happy that you decided to join our team! We could not be more proud of all of your accomplishments and can not wait to see what your future holds at MCCF!

Congratulations Dana, you are the MCCF July Athlete of the Month!

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