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June Athlete of the Month


June Athlete of the Month

If you’ve ever seen Erik Gustafson at MCCF then you are sure to know that he is very flexible, agile and strong. He’s a humble athlete that comes in and does his thing. He never looks for recognition or praise, he’s just there to get better, stronger and stay in shape. However, lately, Erik has been putting in more and more work and it shows. We could not be more proud of Erik and so this is why he is our June Athlete of the Month.

I asked Erik to write a few words about his MCCF journey and this is what he said:

“My brother in law, Todd Aiken, is who first introduced me to MCCF a few years ago. It seemed like something I would like because I’ve always enjoyed staying physically fit but never enjoyed sports like football or baseball etc.¬†Running and body movements like pull-ups etc. were ways I stayed in shape. I did these all on my own for years but as I’ve gotten older I’ve felt the need for proper instruction from knowledgeable trainers. MCCF has given me that and a whole lot more. I have become much stronger and flexible and even gained close to 10 pounds in muscle, which was a goal of mine.

Joining MCCF has also taught me something I wasn’t expecting, and that is how encouraging it is to work out with such a great group of people. There are so many nice people at MCCF that are filled with so much spirit. It’s way more fun and motivating to exercise with them vs. by myself. I tend to be quite and standoff-ish at times but I do truly appreciate everyone at MCCF. I never dread going to the box”.

…….and we NEVER dread having you there! We couldn’t be more happy that you chose MCCF as your place to workout!
Congratulations Erik, you are the MCCF Athlete of the Month!

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