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June’s Athlete of the Month Nick Kornacki


June’s Athlete of the Month Nick Kornacki

Nick was born and raised in Connecticut and spent every moment focusing on hockey. Hockey was always Nick’s anchor for conditioning, teamwork, friendship and self-gratification; whether it was competitive or recreational. Knowing there was more than just hockey out there and loving all things winter, his travels took him west, landing in North Lake Tahoe, CA. In California he was exposed to extreme sports; which gave him a drive to succeed, even when fear or hesitance lingered. After many years of exploring and living the west coast life style to its fullest, Nick and Hadley returned home, back to Connecticut. Nick’s passion for Crossfit started sometime later, when Hadley would come home and rave about it, talk about the people, tell him about “PR’ing” “hang snatches” (what is that?), “burpees” (huh?), “paleo”…..and so it began. Nick says he knew from his first night of on ramp that it was for him. Becoming a member of such a strong community is what inspires him the most. “The passion, support and drive that everyone brings to the box, no matter their ability, is reminiscent of the team dynamic, which encourages me to push, even when I think I can’t” “So a big thank you my wife, for always challenging and encouraging me” Now both Hadley and Nick can’t think of life with out it. Which is a good thing because we can’t think of MCCF without Hadley and Nick, thank you for being such great members of our family.

Keep up the amazing work Nick!