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Little Linda


Little Linda

Midcoast CrossFit – Masters

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Metcon (Time)

Fixed Weight Linda

Teams of 3

Dead Lift 185/135

Bench Press 135/85

Squat Clean 95/65

Scale Up or Down as Needed

Teams of 3Athlete A will start at the squat clean station. Athlete B will start at the Bench Press station. Athlete C will begin at the Deadlift station. 3,2,1 go…each athlete must complete 10 reps of that particular movement. Once they have all completed 10 reps they each rotate one station where they begin to perform 10 reps of that movement. After they’ve done 10 reps they rotate one more time and perform 10 reps at the 3rd station. At this point they are back where they began the wod. This is the start of round 8. They will repeat the process until they have all gone from 10 down to 2

No athlete can continue on until they have all completed the set number of reps….stadium style. In other words…you cannot pass a team mate. You must wait for them to complete their work before you can rotate as a team.