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  I remember the day Beth walked through the door of MCCF! It was November 11th and she told me it was her 64th Birthday. She said she likes to take on a new adventure every year and this year, it was CrossFit! I asked her what she did for fitness, she told me about her climb up Mt. Washington, her marathons, her cycling adventures with her husband and her few adventure races. After seeing the extremely impressed look on my face, she said “you know, you just have to keep moving.”We asked Beth to tell us a bit about her fitness journey and what MCCF has done for her. Her story is amazing. Here are Beth’s words…..

“I have always been active, but two years ago, I had surgery during which I had major life threatening blood loss and a full body infection that often takes the lives of even the young and healthy. I was very lucky to survive, but every surgeon, nurse and specialist pointed to my fitness level as the key to my happy outcome. I realized then I was given a second chance and I wanted to make the most of every moment and not only recover, but get stronger, faster, wiser and kinder with every decade I was given.

My daughter became involved in CrossFit as part of her marketing position and had observed firsthand the energy, results and excitement all the way to the World’s. She told me it would provide me with the challenge I wanted, but that I should research area boxes because they were each very unique.  After checking out a number of CrossFit options, I selected MidCoast because of their focus on building a positive environment while providing sound instruction and safe challenging balanced workouts.
I already have had so many special moments here, being welcomed by fellow members. cheered on when finishing a tough workout, but mostly being coached, pushed and valued as an athlete, regardless of my age and ability.
I am stronger and more confident and feel ready to take on new challenges.  Already my new CrossFit friends have inspired me to do the January Winter Warrier Challenge, the CrossFit Opens and an upcoming GORUCK event.  It’s really all about the spirit here at CrossFit and in just a few short months I feel right at home”.
You are at home Beth and all of us here at MCCF are so proud of all your hard work and the amazing spirit and smile you bring us every time you’re here!
Congratulations Beth, you are the MCCF Athlete of the Month!

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