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March Athlete of the Month!


March Athlete of the Month!

Back in October, on her 35th birthday, Nicole Hill walked into MidCoast CrossFit and has never looked back. In the months that she has been here, Nicole has not only gotten stronger and faster but she always brings in a positivity with her that is contagious. We love to see new athletes hit PR’s and try new things and Nicole is never afraid to give anything a try and this is why we felt like she deserved the title of Athlete of the Month.

I asked Nicole to write about how MCCF has made an impact on her and this is what she had to say….

“When I walked into MCCF for a Saturday morning class at 9am on my 35th birthday I was looking for a gym that offered a more intense and consistent workout than was being offered at my current one. As a single mom who works full time, I have a few pretty small windows for my workouts. And with the kids growing up and the activities increasing, those windows are ever changing. Seeing that MCCF had numerous afternoon classes every day is what drew me in. I have gotten SO much more than what I was looking for!!

Some people in my life have a certain perspective on crossfit and what it is and what it’s about. “You’re going to get hurt”. “Don’t they lift super heavy weights?!” I can’t speak about the environment at other crossfit gyms but at MCCF I’ve never felt anything but welcome. No one looks at you like you don’t belong. Or aren’t lifting enough or aren’t in shape enough to be there. The positivity and encouragement is my favorite thing about it! The coaches have been amazing and are always able to provide help if there’s a movement I don’t have yet. There’s also been numerous times members have offered help on scaling a movement and what worked for them personally.
My biggest accomplishments at MCCF so far would probably be the max effort 1 mile run and rx’ing 18.2. The coaches and other athletes have motivated and encouraged me to push myself harder than I ever have! I can’t wait to keep pushing myself harder and see what my body can do!”
Awesome Nicole! You have been such a great addition to our MCCF family and we could not be more proud of you!

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