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March’s Athlete of the Month – Nicole Lehman


March’s Athlete of the Month – Nicole Lehman

March’s athlete of the month Nicole is a dedicated and driven athlete who is often working hard before or after wods working on her goats or lifts. Outside MCCF she is just as driven at work and school. We love the intensity Nicole keep up with the dedication.FB_IMG_1431566796928

A little more about Nicole in her own words:

Before Crossfit I was a runner and ran marathons and half marathons.  During one of my marathons I found out that my knee couldn’t really take the stress of 26.26 miles and started to run mainly half marathons and obstacle races.  My husband, TJ, introduced me into Crossfit and almost immediately I knew I wanted to compete.  For the first 6-7 months I trained too much for someone new to crossfit and it came back to bite me a bit.  I spent a lot of time learning my limits after that and build up a tolerance to volume so that when I began to train to compete I was both ready and able.

My current active life includes Crossfit, running, obstacle racing and hiking.  I’m training to become a competitive athlete 5 days per week with the goal of getting to regionals two years from now in 2018.  Every day of training incorporates two WODs, a cardio aspect, skill work for 2-3 skills, a strength or form aspect and a conditioning or odd skills aspect.  I plan my training the night before using a hybrid of MCCF WODs, competitors training daily posts, mainsite WODs and/or outlaw way daily posts.  I generally look at them all and then take into account what I’ve done the past few days and what I need to work on most and formulate a plan from there.  This way I avoid working on the same things over and over and I attack my weaknesses.  My training plan generally takes me about 2-3 hours each day.  If there is an intense amount of work that day then I break it up into two sessions so that I can recover faster.  On one of my two off days I take a strict rest day and on the other I take an active rest day.  On my active rest day I tend to run 5-6 miles and/or go for a hike with my husband and my dog Kanobi.  I want to begin swimming this Summer on active rest days as well.
I’m planning to get my Crossfit L1 Coach certification this April and hope to be able to coach at some point after that, although I plan to continue to train as a competitive athlete as well.

Outside of my active life I work as an administrative assistant and am also a full time student.  I recently changed my major to History with a minor in Biology.  After I get my degree I plan on continuing on to graduate school but have yet to decide what I will go for.  Currently my main interests are Law School or become a Therapist/Social Worker.

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