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May Athlete of the Month


May Athlete of the Month

Our May Athlete of the month is no stranger to anyone as she is one of the most outgoing, friendly and supportive people we know! Pam Parker is quite a success story if I ever heard one. I love how she fearlessly shares her road of travel to get to where she is today. As we come up on running season, we could not think of someone more deserving of the title Athlete of the Month. Pam, you are amazing!
Here is Pam’s story….

“I had never worked out until I was 48 and I was a 6 pack of Pepsi and 3 snickers bars a day. I had done some boot camps with a trainer, joined a gym and done classes there but I was bored. One day a friend, Ginny, said come try Crossfit which to me was the “dark side” and I thought I would never to. I arrived for my on-ramp and there was Zack the trainer who was one of my favorite for the few classes he taught at the gym I was at then. I looked around and I thought to myself I can never lift like these people while watching them as I did the on ramp as they all introduced themselves to me and made me feel right at home.

Crossfit like my business has given me more than I ever thought. It is my therapy, my spirituality, my happy place and where I go when life is great and life gets rough.
It is a community that gives back whether through a fund raiser for a child, presents for Christmas, clothes for a family and so much more.
3 years ago I came to MidCoast just in time as I was getting bored with my workouts where I was and I need to be pushed and challenged. From the moment I walked in and people started introducing themselves even as I started through the on ramp classes to learn everything involved I felt just as important as the ones that were doing pull-ups. I knew I was in the perfect place for me. Everyday is hard, it is always a challenge and I am always a stronger person mentally and physically no matter what went on that day. Some days I do the best I can and accept I am human and other days I see how far I have come and I am still amazed. I love the variety of the WODs, I love the loud music to drown out my brain, I love the hero WODs honoring those that fought for us, I love the people cheering you on as well as cheering back.
I have done things I have always dreamed of and never thought possible and I know that dreams do come true!
  • I have done 2 rugged maniacs with a group of like minded maniacs,
  • A tough mudder last June with my oldest son and an amazing group from MidCoast,
  • 2 1/2 marathons (I now have a goal with my husband to do a 1/2 marathon in every state before I can’t run anymore) my 3 coming up this June.
  • AND St. Jude’s marathon last December!!!! Never have I felt so prepared for anything in my life.  Never did I doubt that I could do this. I trained hard with my running coach Wendell Webber and never did I cheat on the training (yes there were those days). Crossfit had taught me that no matter what happens fight mentally through your brain stopping you and I applied this to my training. There were days I wanted to text Wendell and say my watch died mid run (LOL) but I didn’t (he knows I am too type A to go out with a low battery anyhow). At mile 16 my left knee started to hurt more than I can tell you but yet my legs felt tired but great. So great that I could have done 5 more miles when I finished if not for my knee. Had I not joined crossfit and met Wendell and learned how to not mentally stop myself when I could do so much more never could I have done this race much less finish. I loved it so much I am already signed up for this year.
I still hear those that say “Crossfit has the most injuries, you will get hurt, you will get too big. I simply smile and say I know that those were my excuses too before I decided to work through my fear.
I am 55 now and I have never felt so strong mentally and physically. I have a place to go when I am happy and lifts me up when I am sad. These past few months I have reached out to many members while going through a difficult time with my father being sick and each one has been there to help me, listen and give me hugs and even checks in to see that I am okay. Funny thing is the people at MidCoast do this no matter what. It is my family away from family. It is my go to place.
Truly…..Never say never.”

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