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MCCF Takes it to the Street


MCCF Takes it to the Street


I love when we have people go out and do awesome things! There is nothing more gratifying as a coach or as an athlete to see all of your hard work pay off. We have had some major accomplishments in the box over the past few weeks in the way of running!

I’ll start with last weekend in Madison. There was a 1/2 Marathon on Halloween and we had two runners go out to run it! Congratulations to Patrick, Nicole and Rob A. for venturing out on a cold October morning to crush 13.1 miles! You are all such awesome athletes and to decide to run “on the fly” the way you did is a perfect example of how ready you all are to take on anything! We could not be more proud of you!


Next, I would like to tell you about Christine. She trained so hard for her run! We would see her at the box some mornings to make it her starting point for her run that day. I always looked forward to seeing her later after completing some serious mileage! She never looked tired! Her heart and determination are so apparent! A couple of weeks ago, Christine went to Washington DC to run in the Marine Corps Marathon, an honor and a beautiful tribute to the men and women of our country that serve us every day.
Christine, we could not be more proud of you and your completed 26.2!


Now I would like to share one more awesome story! Alexa had a spot in the NYC Marathon this year and with about 10 days to go, she decided to register! Most of you remember the year that Alexa was going to run this for the very first time (2012). We got a terrible hurricane and, for the first time ever, the NYC Marathon was cancelled. Alexa had trained so hard and was going to make sure that she did not let a natural disaster stop her. She suited up that morning and off she ran through Old Lyme and Old Saybrook to make her dream a reality. So many of us met her along the way and ran chunks of her marathon with her. The best was at the end when her family and friends met her in the commuter parking lot where she started with balloons and hugs to celebrate! I personally had the honor of running a few miles at the beginning of her journey and the last few miles until she completed her 26.2. It was one of my very favorite moments at MCCF and to this day, I consider her a complete inspiration.
Congratulations on your NYC 26.2 this year Alexa!!!!!

The picture below is from the first “homemade marathon” three years ago!



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