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Midcoast Barbell Club


Midcoast Barbell Club

12347842_770514389743473_8939089093384412521_nHave you ever watched an athlete and wonder how in the world are they lifting that much in a snatch or clean and jerk? Of course it’s strength and training, but they are also putting their body in the most powerful positions to use their body to act as a lever to get that bar where it needs to be. One key point is that they are using their most powerful tool, which is LEGS!! If you want to learn more on this process and start training in barbell movements, Midcoast Barbell offers one-on-one lifting instruction on Saturdays 10-12 pm with a certified USAW barbell club coach and is open to all members and also to the public!!! No prior lifting experience required. We will also work on strength training movements for these lifts such as squats, pulls, more squats and more pulls…kidding, there are many more. Please let us know if you have any questions and hope to see you there!!!

Coach Riky

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