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MidCoast Barbell

Welcome to Midcoast Barbell Club where weightlifting is more than just about lifting weights.

Midcoast Barbell Club is a registered club with USA Weightlifting.

Olympic lifting class is offered every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. and is open to all MidCoast CrossFit members. We focus on specifically the snatch and the clean and jerk lifts with variations including pulls, drills, and supplemental exercises.

Goals of our athletes include training for and competing in local and national olympic weightlifting events, improving weightlifting technique, and building strength through lifting.

Competing in Olympic Weightlifting Meets:

 -Sanctioned meets are official weightlifting meets and are governed by the rules of USAW. The format includes three official attempts at the snatch lift and three attempts at the clean and jerk lift. The highest of the successful attempts will be your total score. There are specific guidelines as to what is considered an acceptable lift, i.e. no press out at the top of a jerk or snatch.

An athlete must be registered as a member of USAW in order to compete in these events. There is a yearly membership fee and registration that can be completed online at: When registering remember to list MidCoast Barbell Club as your registered club!

Connecticut is established as an LWC and has all local events posted at All Olympic weightlifting events sanctioned and non-sanctioned are run by CT LWC and the dates are posted on this website. Once you are a registered member with USAW, then this is where you will sign up for local weightlifting meets.

-Non-sanctioned meets are unofficial weightlifting meets and are much more relaxed in the rules of the lifts, i.e. pressouts are acceptable. These meets follow the same structure and sequence of lifting and use kg weights, so it is a good place to start to get a feel for what a sanctioned meet will be like. Anybody can compete and no USAW membership is required, but there is usually an entrance fee that you pay to the local venue.

Age Categories:
  • Open: Athlete of any age
  • Youth: 13-17 years
  • Juniors: 15-20 years
  • Masters: Starts at age 35 and up
  • Masters age categories are as follows:
  • 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, >>>
  • At a local weightlifting meet, 1st-3rd place medals are given for youth, junior, open, and masters categories.
  • There are specific masters competitions that are open to only master athletes: American Masters, National Masters, and World Masters
  • There is no additional registration required to lift in Masters events. These events are USAW sanctioned events and you can compete as long as you are a member of USAW.
  • At the website there are a list of upcoming competitions, records, and other information specific to master lifters.
Weight Classes:
  • The following are official weight classes in a meet:
  • Women: 48,53,58,63,69,75,90,90+
  • Men: 56,62,69,77,85,94,105,105+
  • You must weigh under the specified weight class amount to be in that class. Example: A women weighing in at 69.1kg will be in the 75kg weight class, if you weigh in at 68kg you will be in the 69kg weight class. If you are right on the dot and your weight is 69kg, then you will lift in the 69kg class.
  • In a weightlifting meet weigh-ins are two hours before the actual start time of lifting. Women lift in the morning before the men’s sessions.
  • A new lifter should never stress about the weight class in which they will be placed. The importance is to get the experience in a weightlifting meet and do their best lifting they can do that day!
Kilograms in Weightlifting:
  • In weightlifting all weight is measured in Kilograms, including the weight you are lifting and the weight class that you are going to compete in.
  • A quick guide to calculating kilograms to pounds is to multiply the kg weight by 2.2 Example: 40kg x 2.2 = 88lbs. It’s not always right on the dot, but close enough.
  • The weightlifting bars weigh 15kg for women and 20kg for men. Weightlifting plates are colored and weight is in kg. This is something that you will get used to, but in the meantime keep a cheat-sheet with you for a quick reference while you are training/competing.

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