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This guy! Not only did our November Athlete of the Month step up his CrossFit game this year, he also took on the biggest, most important job of his life months ago – Dad.

As we all know, making the time for anything with a new baby is a challenge in and of itself but Alex Strekel sure does! Alex has been coming in consistently and hitting PR’s he never thought imaginable. His biggest accomplishments are rope climbs and HSPU’s with his eyes on consistent double unders as his next goal.

I asked Alex to put into words what MCCF has done for him and what his favorite memory is. Before I get to that though I love the fact that Alex gave a shout out to his wife who has been nothing but supportive and understanding to how important maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to him. We agree Alex, she’s pretty awesome!

Here is what Alex had to say….

“What brought me to MCCF: Having a good degree of fitness has always been a goal of mine. I was “husky” as a kid and then lost weight as I entered high school.  However, balancing diet and exercise always was a struggle. I took up lifting in college and continued steadily, but gains were always hard to come by. Balancing the lifting with cardio was a challenge as well, there just never seemed to be enough time in the day for both. I truly never figured it out, until I tried CrossFit. At first I thought maybe the negative headlines were true and had been to some boxes that seemed to affirm that, but Midcoast quickly dispelled all that. I knew right away I was in good hands and this was the place that would allow me to pursue my goals in an atmosphere that celebrates both individual and collective achievement.

My Favorite Memory: Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. I was always the guy in the gym with head phones who didn’t interact. This was probably the biggest change,for me in doing CrossFit but I legitimately couldn’t imagine a friendlier group of folks. Oh…also the first time I did Murph. There is something special about Hero Wods. The sacrifice they gave pushes you to commit beyond what you might think you were capable of.
I didn’t come from a family where fitness was a huge focus, but I knew when I had a family, I wanted to set an example and make it a priority. CrossFit helps me do that. Even thought I can’t do RX all the time, or squat as much as I’d like, just working towards those goals make me better in all facets of my life. When a workout gets hard and I want to quit, I think about my son, Ben, and just tell myself to do it for him. I love Midcoast. In all the years when I was feeling I was on my own journey seeking to attain my fitness goals, I didn’t know there was such a group of like minded folks on the same journey with the same goals. Now I do.”
Congratulations Alex! You are MCCF’s Athlete of the Month!