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Obsession vs. Dedication


Obsession vs. Dedication

What is it about CrossFit that makes us all a little obsessed? The workouts are grueling and probably the most physically exhausting, physically painful hour you will experience in a day. Everyone’s body has a story to tell with scraped up shins, bruised thighs and collar bones, torn hands from pull-ups and ripped thumbs from hook grip. The amount of work that we are asked to perform in a short amount of time can sometimes seem impossible and yet, we dive in. Somewhere in the first 3-5 minutes of a WOD, you find yourself questioning your sanity as to why the hell you even do this stuff, yet 15 minutes in all you can focus on is how fast you can finish up so you can beat the clock (or the person next to you) and at the end, you can’t wait to come back the next day to do it again. It’s like a drug. CrossFit gives you a high like nothing else. So, I ask again…..what is it that makes us all so obsessed?!
Definition time…..

– having or showing obsessive or compulsive concern with something
Adj. 1. DEDICATED – wholly committed to a particular course of thought or action; devoted
Ahhhhhhh…….could it be that perhaps we are not an obsessed bunch of thrill seeking, masochistic, crazy people that are out searching for the next way to punish our bodies… but maybe, just maybe we are a bunch of mom’s and dad’s, students and 9 to 5-ers that are devoted to making ourselves better, faster and stronger by way of the most intense level of fitness we have ever encountered? Could it be that we have found a community of people that desire a better quality of life and understand each other’s need to find it? Could it be that we have formed bonds with others that are just as devoted to being the best they can be in and out of the gym?
Think for a second. Think about where you were before CrossFit. Think of where you are now. Are you better? Are you stronger? Are you healthier? Are you more dedicated to other aspects of your life? I bet most of you are answering yes. How could you not be? Where else can you go, do all that we do and find a bunch of people that support and understand you. These people cheer for you, they want you to be better, they want you to succeed!
Think about what got you here. Was it your obsessiveness to be awesome OR was it your dedication to the road that lead you to awesomeness?
We are all hard working, hard driven people that found a place to belong. We found a place to let go and we found a place to call home. I am proud of all we have done together and it is your DEDICATION that got us here! Here’s to MCCF!
Great to be writing again – Elayne

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