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October Athlete of the Month


October Athlete of the Month

Our October Athlete of the Month is a long time member and no stranger to anyone at MCCF! Steve is a strong guy who has recently gotten Double Unders, and get’s PR’s on lifts on a regular basis. However, all the accomplishments aside, Steve is probably most well known for his 15 minute “fashionably late” appearances! LOL!

I asked Steve to put into words a few things about his experience at MCCF and this is what he had to say….

“I was looking for something better than what I had experienced in the past in terms of a gym. I had gotten into decent weight lifting shape through a small gym in Milford. When we moved to Old Saybrook I went to what is now Function Fitness for about a year. I was board with it. I lacked direction in working out. I would jump on an elliptical machine, then I would lift weights but I kind of felt like I was wing it with my workouts and therefore wasn’t getting anywhere. I hadn’t lived in Old Saybrook that long and I was hoping to make some new local friends. In the big gyms people walked around listening to iPods and not talking to each other. Through Facebook, I learned an old friend of mine from High School, who has gone to the games twice now, had been crossfitting for a couple of years and raving about it. It looked like he was having a blast so I thought I would give it a try. Much to my dismay at the time the closest box was in Branford. This made me worry about being late to the gym since travel time would have been about a half hour. I called the Branford box and they told me that Midcoast had just opened.

I called Midcoast and spoke to Elayne. Elayne like myself was an entrepreneur. She was starting her own business which I really respected since I had started my business about two years earlier. I started showing up at 5:30 AM that week and was hooked from there.
What I have learned from my Midcoast experience…..To many things to mention them all but here are the big ones.
1. Leave your ego at the door. CrossFit is often humbling. I thought when I started I was in decent shape I learned quickly that I wasn’t.
2. Midcoast was unlike any gym I had ever been to before. The people were very friendly and the coaches really want you to succeed.
3. You are your biggest competition. The battle to improve yourself is the one you need to win to succeed at CrossFit. (Elayne has taught me that you can’t out exercise a bad diet)
4. Lastly, I have learned lately to accept that I have limitations. Once I hit 50 I have found I need more recovery time. For awhile I was going almost everyday. When I feel pain from arthritis in my shoulders or knees I scale and still get a great workout. Once again, CrossFit has taught me to leave my ego at the door and to let go of trying to impress anyone but myself.
My favorite moments at Midcoast all relate to the community. This includes watching others succeed. Seeing someone get a new PR is always inspiring to witness every time it happens. When we have come together as a community to raise funds for worthy causes I think we are truly at our best. I get a bit emotional thinking of the Give Five Minutes for Autism and the ALS Ice bucket challenge fundraisers we participated in as a box. Both causes are near and dear to me because of my family’s exposure to them. Watching my friends from CrossFit interact with my son Harry has left me speechless. I can’t thank you all enough for the caring you show him every time you see him. Midcoast is a place I can go to and leave the rest of the world behind.(Cheers theme playing in my head)
I can reset my bad days into good days by going to Midcoast. I am so grateful for it.”
And we are so grateful for you! Congratulations Steve, you are the October Athlete of the Month!