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October Athlete of the Month


October Athlete of the Month

This month’s Athlete of the Month has had quite a CrossFit journey that includes traveling across the world to still discover the camaraderie that CrossFit encompasses. She is quite an athlete and quite a young woman and we just love her spirit, drive and always positive attitude she brings to MCCF! Congratulations Jess! You are pretty awesome and we just love having you here!

We asked Jess about her CrossFit journey and here is what she had to say…

“I grew up doing gymnastics, playing soccer, and swimming. There were not enough hours in the day to add any other activities to the list, but I knew Kay had been doing Crossfit for years at MCCF and I had ALWAYS wanted to try it. After finishing my first year of swimming at Tufts University, I needed a gym where I could olympic lift and I knew this was the time that I could finally start Crossfit. I can still remember the outfit that I wore to my first on-ramp class that summer with Zack. And that was it. I was absolutely hooked to every aspect of sport. Over my four years at Tufts University, my priority was training for swimming and having the best fitness for this sport. Because of this, I would get my two months of Crossfit in every summer before the season started again. Despite this, I knew Crossfit would always be waiting for me after “retiring” into swammer-hood. And it was! After graduating in May 2018, Crossfit became my sport and I have been lucky enough to have been able to dedicate the past year and a half to becoming the best and fittest version of myself through Crossfit. The beauty of this is that it has given me community when I had quite literally no one after moving to Cape Town. It has given me a life long appreciation for my body, health, and wellness in a way that no other sport has provided me. And as a female, it has empowered me to appreciate and love my body (and #thickthighs) for all that it is and can do!
I think one of my favorite parts of Crossfit is that no matter how good you are, there is ALWAYS a new challenge to conquer. As someone who has always been involved in organized sports, I was a bit confused how to actually work out without someone telling me what to do and challenging me to try a little harder. But, Crossfit solves all of those problems and has challenged my metal fortitude in every way. I love the everyday work that goes into getting a new skill or PRing a lift. This past year has specifically drawn me to the challenge of enforcing correct movement patterns in olympic lifting and anything with a barbell. I love lifting heavy but am slowly leaning into the biggest challenge of them all for me… running…. One day I am going to do those 3 miles before the 3:30pm class on a Monday with Mike Knowles. But more importantly, I love the challenges that Crossfit has enabled me to conquer outside of the gym, if it be signing up for a triathlon without training, or climbing a mountain, or learning how to surf.
MCCF has been such a special place for me where I always know I can come home to. After spending the past year in Cape Town, South Africa, it has definitely been a tough and weird adjustment back home, but the one place that has been a constant in my everyday is MCCF. I am so grateful for this and the community it has provided me in all the different parts of my life so far. SO much love!!”

*photos courtesy of Kaylyn Wiese