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I remember seeing Laura in Onramp with Zack one Saturday morning. I was working out in the corner and she was there as well, learning. I noticed one thing about her that to this day I just love. Her smile.

Anyone coming into a new situation, especially one as tough and demanding as CrossFit, usually has a look of seriousness on their face or maybe a puzzled look but definitely after the workout, a look of sheer exhaustion and a bit of relief that it’s over! Every time I looked over at Zack teaching Laura a new movement or showing her what her WOD would be that day, I noticed that she did everything with a smile. After the WOD….still smiling!

Over the months that Laura has been at MCCF, we have seen her do some pretty amazing stuff. She has become a very strong athlete putting up big weight on the board every time she lifts. I asked Laura to describe her CrossFit journey and her words were very sincere and quite meaningful…..

“I am so grateful for my friend, Rachel (Green), who got me to join. I am pretty shy with some crazy anxieties so I never would have tried CrossFit without her encouragement.

My initial reason was to try to lose some weight and get some control back in my life.  I was so nervous the 1st few months I never expected to actually enjoy working out or get excited when the next days wod is posted. Everyone at MCCF is so kind and motivational, they give me confidence and push me more than I would ever do on my own.
I found a strength that I didn’t know I had in lifting. My goals have now shifted to improving strength and especially endurance since that is a weakness.
Over the past 6 months I feel better, I sleep better and I smile more. My family and friends notice and it makes me want to continue to make positive changes in all aspects of my life.”
Laura, we are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments and so happy that MCCF has made a difference in your life. Always, always keep that smile!
Congratulations Laura, you are our October athlete of the month!

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