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October Athlete of the Month!


October Athlete of the Month!

Our October Athlete of the Month has been stepping up his game over the past few months at MCCF. His efforts in the gym have been noticed by all of us and we could not be more proud or excited to give this honor to Sam Saglimbeni.

Sam’s name has been on the PR board quite a bit lately as he not only gains strength but also has been quite the WOD killa lately! I asked Sam to write a few words about what brought him to MCCF and any special memories he has. Here is what he had to say…

“I was introduced to MCCF last winter by my sister, Emily Archer. She had been a member for about 6 months, absolutely loved it, and was convinced that it would be perfect for me. Being honest, I can’t say that I took to it right away. My default behavior is to quit anything that doesn’t come easily and, after many sedentary years, the WODs seemed impossibly hard. By June I was frustrated and down on myself and probably on the verge of dropping out. Luckily, I happened to go to my first strongman class with Kristin around that time. I’m so thankful that I showed up that night because Kristin’s class marked a real turning point for me. I think I must have been having too much fun to realize how much work I was doing!

I know I’m not saying anything original here, but the people at MCCF truly are amazing and the gym now feels like a second home. Over the past few months the members began to feel more like teammates and friends, and the coaches became more like friends and family — handing out support and gentle ass-kickings as needed.

I hope that my journey towards becoming a better athlete is just beginning and this is probably my biggest motivation most days. Besides that, coming to the gym these days just makes me happier than I otherwise would be. What more can you ask for?”

Honor well deserved and we could not be more proud!
Congratulations Sam, you are the MCCF Athlete of the Month!

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  1. Donna Colquhoun

    SO SO well deserved! Congrats Sam! I remember meeting you and WOD’ing with you in the beginning- MAN- nice work- great dedication and commitment- you are a wonderful addition to MCCF! Yeah- you gotta give Emily a huge fist pump! Love having you both there!