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October’s Athlete of the Month – Liz Reemsnyder


October’s Athlete of the Month – Liz Reemsnyder

While Liz is a Connecticut native, she comes to MCCF as a transplant from California, where she fell in love with CrossFit.

When she found herself stuck in the trap of sitting at a desk for over nine hours a day, followed by happy hours and watching TV, she knew it was no life she had envisioned, and that changes were needed. Walking and workout videos would not cut it, so Liz quit her stressful sales job, with the faith that she could have a successful career without trading her health and wellness. And so the journey began: boot camp classes, yoga, fun runs and triathlon training. Her first taste of CrossFit was actually right here at MidCoast for on-ramp classes before moving to Orange County. The movements were awkward, and she felt silly and incompetent at first, since everyone else seemed to crush WODs with perfect form, but after the first six weeks of consistent attendance, Liz was hooked. CrossFit was fun, since it’s always varied, left her feeling stronger each day, plus it allowed her the opportunity to make some great friends so far from home. Beyond the physical health benefits resulting from CrossFit, Liz knows that the discipline of regularly getting to the box has taught her about grit, and helps her stay mentally strong and upbeat regardless of life’s unpredictability.

When not at the box, Liz is either beachside or lakeside, hiking with her pup, working to help others improve their health/wellness (a Juice Plus rep and Reiki practitioner), or plotting how to flee to the tropics (a little escapism tendencies). She is due to have her first child within the week, but is eager to return to MCCF asap!

We can’t wait to see here return!Liz_Xfit1 Liz_Xfit2