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Old school thought, new way of thinking!


Old school thought, new way of thinking!

Hey guys!

So this week has been a little different in the way of programming and the feedback has been awesome! I’m sure you have noticed the options we’ve been giving you and I know that the coaches have explained them in your classes. Today, I am going to tell you why we are doing this!

Some of you come to MCCF 3-4 times a week and can space out your WOD’s and rest accordingly. Whether your rest day’s include a run, a walk, or a movie and a pint of ice cream, you are at least taking a break form heavy, intense workouts! We applaud you! And thennnnnnn……there are those that come 6-7 days a week (some come 2x a day)! I get it! It’s a hard place to stay away from as we are a wicked cool crowd of people! However, when you are coming in that often, we KNOW you are not getting the rest your body so needs. We can tell you to take it easy, go for a light run and hang out but the second we turn our backs on you, your up on the rings doing MU’s or snatching away! LOL! We see you!
Whatever your regimen may be, we want you here. We love seeing every one of your faces come through the door and we love that you love us right back. But the reality is that you risk injury when you do not give your body a break. May not be now, but it builds up and the injury can be working it’s way through! It’ll rear it’s ugly head eventually, I promise.

This brings me to our new programming options. Zack and I are working together week to week to bring you all programming that will satisfy your needs as an athlete in and out of the gym! We will have a WOD every day. The WOD’s are intense as always and we are trying to feed the need for those that come a few times a week and desire more. Therefore, we are putting in a Metcon option. This will extend the WOD with a longer run or row or maybe higher reps with less weight. This option will not be in every day just on the days that the WOD is not already a longer Metcon.
The other option that you WILL be seeing every day is our recovery option. This is for the die hard’s that can’t stay away as well as anyone that may come in and be sore from a workout or job or anything else life presents. We are gearing this option more toward “active recovery”. This will usually not include a weight bar, however if it does, it’ll be a light one. This way, if you have had a rough week of WOD’s but your car just happens to turn onto Ragged Rock Road unexpectedly…… have an option to listen to your body and make a smart choice! You can still participate but in a way that won’t have all of us coaches freaking out! It happens!

In the end, as I told my classes this week, it is our responsibility to give you these options and direct you where to go BUT it is your responsibility as an athlete to listen to your body and make the smart choice. I have faith that you will!

Thank you always for being a part of our awesome “home”, we love sharing this adventure with you all!