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Only the Best for MCCF


Only the Best for MCCF

Hey guys!

Happy New Year! As we venture into this new year, many of us have new goals and we here at MCCF want to make sure that all of your goals are met. At the beginning of this week, we will have goal sheets for all of you. These sheets will have a #1 and a #2 on them for you to list your top 2 goals of the new year. Once all the sheets are collected, we will take the top three goals and take time to work on them with you. We will be creating a FB page for all that are interested so we can post tips, videos and actual plans for each of you and your level of skill. We will also have allotted time in each class for you to complete your plan for that day. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….if we are going to give you a plan, work on it! As much as you want success, we want to see you succeed! Whatever your goal is, remember that NOTHING is impossible and you may just be closer than you think to attaining that goal!

Next, I would like to talk about programming. We have a growing gym and a lot of different needs to be met. I am there at all different hours, from early morning to evening, and hear many opinions and desires from all different people at all different times of the day! It is our goal to keep you happy, make you better and give you the best workout for YOU. So….

Zack and I will be working together to bring you all a program that will fit your needs. We will have a lot more lifting and strength for those that desire a weight bar and we will have an endurance option for those of you that desire less of the bar but more of the met-con flavor. This will happen during the strength portion of our class (on the days that we have strength before the WOD). Once our strength begins, you will have a mini met-con that will get you ready for the WOD. Once strength is over, we will all reconvene to do the WOD together.

(On a side note, please remember that we have an Endurance class at 8am on Mon/Tu/Th/Fri)

While we highly encourage weightlifting and strength, we also know it is not for everyone all the time. Above all, we want to see all of your smiling faces so this is why we are bringing in a few changes and finding a good fit for everyone!

We are excited about the new year and helping all of you attain your goals and can’t wait to push you on to the next level!

Have an awesome night and we’ll see you at the box!



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