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Our Community


Our Community

What is CrossFit all about? What do we at MCCF stand for? What is the most impressive thing about our box and boxes all over the world? There is one answer here……………


People come into our box that are brand new to CrossFit. They come in as we are wodding with a look of intimidation on their faces. I’ve seen it plenty of times. However, they are greeted, welcomed, given a thorough explanation of what CrossFit is and how it can be scaled to fit each and every individual. Once this is all done, they are introduced and approached by all of us. We are eager to bring them into our world! They leave that visit every time feeling the amazing sense of community that MCCF exudes. Then….they come back.

When I opened the doors of MCCF almost 5 years ago, I didn’t know what would happen. I didn’t know what running a business entailed and I didn’t know who would follow me through those doors. What I did know is that I a passion for something so great and  I wanted so badly to share it with people. I wanted everyone to love CrossFit as much as I do. It happened. People were curious and friendships were formed. The small box that we gathered in every day to work our bodies became the place that we couldn’t wait to go to. We would work together, sweat together, on occasion, bleed together. It was our place. It IS our place.

Over the years, we have gotten bigger and let more and more people into our world. The passion that we all have has been spread and we are taking our little box to big places.

The purpose for me writing this blog tonight is to bring us all back to the beginning. To bring us all back to our first WOD’s, when you were the last or in the last few to finish. Remember how we cheered for the final finisher? Remember how great it felt when you were the final finisher to be cheered on and made to feel so special? Guess what…..Someone needs that encouragement every day. Someone needs to be cheered on so they know that they are doing this crazy stuff for a reason and that they are awesome!

I have seen us start to fade away after WOD’s. I have seen people clean up their bar and all their equipment to go chit chat with others, while athletes are still working. This is not encouraging to the person that is out there giving it their all.

We have a rule at MCCF that I feel the need to re-establish. Until the last person is finished, you need to leave all of your equipment out because you will be too busy cheering them on to clean it up. Your attention is not needed for the clean up, it is needed for the member of your community that is working as hard as you just did. (If for some reason you have to leave, then the coach will clean up your equipment for you but please let them know ahead of time). If you are in the box and you see the struggle of a member completing their WOD, then go over and give them encouragement. CHEER THEM ON!

This is the foundation that MCCF was built on and this is why we are the most spirited box I have ever been in. Let’s keep this awesomeness alive!

Thanks guys! Have a great night!

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