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PUMP Accessory: Week 2: Day 2


PUMP Accessory: Week 2: Day 2

Midcoast CrossFit – PUMP

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Metcon (No Measure)

Set your clock for 30 minutes and follow the times to maintain appropriate stimulus!

1 Minute of Jogging in Place or Outdoors (Get Your Blood Moving)!



1. Knee Push-Ups

2. Contracted No Weight Flyes

3. Band Pull Apart (if you don’t have a band, isometric towel pull)

4. Shoulder Taps”

“10 Minutes To Complete

4 Sets

5-8 Pike Pushups


*to add difficulty, you can do these off a box or chair or wall facing strict hspu

At the 10 minute mark

40 Pike Push-Ups for time no tempo, but keep them controlled

You should be able to finish this in <6 minutes. If not, do as many as you can in 5 minutes and rest until the 16 At The 16 Minute Mark
100 Tate Press

4 Rounds TABATA

1. Band Pull Apart or isometric towel pull

2. Floor Flyes